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3 February 2023

glamourescorts poies einai oi kalyteres wres stin hmera gia na kanete sex

Sex is an act of passion, arousal and pleasure that brings the two sexes closer together with animalistic instincts for each other. It is very important to point out that in order to achieve the result we want on the erotic part, the time you have sex plays a very important role. And not only that but also our age situation. This raises some reasonable questions such as:

And many more unanswered questions about the time part of sex. These questions are born from our need for more sex or for the best possible quality of the love act.

The times of the day we have sex

It is very important to know what time of day is suitable to have sex. It is like an erotic compass that guides us to enjoy the act more. The biggest role is played by our hormones, whether we are relaxed, but also the stress that occupies us during the day can be something that can de-coordinate our hormonal system. So below we will see which are the appropriate times of the day for absolute sex.

Morning sex

Regarding a research carried out, some people said that: the appropriate times to have sex are from 6 am. to 9 a.m. And this is a true fact. From 6 am to 9 a.m. the levels of erection, testosterone and sexual arousal that a man feels are high, because the hormone that plays a role in libido is alert.

This for most men means that they are more sexually productive in the morning hours. Also, in the morning hours the energy of the body is at the best levels during the day, which makes it a station in this erotic act. The most important of all is that, in the morning hours, the release of sperm is slower due to hormones, something that plays a very important role during sex. And something that will be a significant bonus to the enjoyment of morning sex is a sexual encounter with an Escort Girl.

Having sex at night

Nighttime sex is popular with everyone for many reasons. Having completed the duties of the day and without any feeling of stress and responsibility it is very easy to relax more with good sex. It is very important to emphasize that sex before bed can help us if we have insomnia or suffer chronically from such a phenomenon since this act can consume a very large part of our energy reserves.

Also good or bad night sex is more sensual since there is darkness which plays a decisive role in the act. Decorate the space with rose petals and light candles. Create the ultimate atmosphere and surrender to the god of love and ultimate pleasure. De-stress yourself, empty your mind of bad thoughts or obligations you had or have fulfilled and enjoy sex. And what’s better than evening sex with an Athens Escort.

Morning or evening sex with an Athens Escort?

Sex, as we mentioned above, is a pleasant activity, it raises the libido and makes our hormones take off, ending up at the point of ejaculation. At this point, however, a very important question arises: After knowing the appropriate times for the best sex, is it important to have sex with an Athens Escort or not? And here the answer is of course yes.

Sex with Escorts girls is important because they have a lot of experience in the field as well as in the act of sex. And since we are talking about the time and periods of the day, it is important to say that you can book an Escort girl at any time of the day, of course, upon consultation. Also, together with an escort model you can live unrivaled experiences in the evening and morning hours since the services they offer you can take you off.

Visit the profile of the Escort you like, see what they offer you and check out the extra services that can make sex an act of sacrilege. Contact us and choose the time and date you want and enjoy the best sex of your life, the ultimate erotic pleasure in the company of an Escort Athens. What time of day would you have sex?

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